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Backpacking Food Ideas For Beginners – DIY Guide!

The first thing I wondered before my first 4-days backpacking trip was backpacking food ideas, not the gears!Backpacking is a calorie consuming activity. The more you walk, the more calories you waste. It’s intensive and in itself is a workout. You need food to keep your body strong, healthy and active.The problems will start to […]

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10 Best Hiking Apps For Outdoor Junkies

Hiking apps come in handy when you take your smartphone with you on hiking and backpacking.If you’re tired being indoor and planning to go in the wild for outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking or adventure, in general, to freshen up your mood then hiking apps is something your device need.I’m an old-school guy, but I […]

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Best Hiking Dog Breeds (Top 10) For Hiking!

Either you’re a solitary hiker or a person who loves to go trekking with a group of people, there is space for man’s best friend, the four legs loyal companion. In fact, dogs are great to make your outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and backing, even more, safer and enjoyable.If you’re a serious hiker, then […]

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Best Hiking Socks of 2017

Hello guys, my name is Jason, and today I’m going highlight a list of best hiking socks. The first time I went for hiking, I wore a pair of wool socks given by my grandmothers. For solid reasons, I didn’t like it all. In fact, I removed them like after 10 minutes of trekking, because my […]

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Best Hiking Boots Review 2017 – (Both For Men & Women)!

Hey, myself Jason. I’m a huge hiking and camping lover. I still remember my first hiking day that I experienced in high-school days. It wasn’t the greatest experience, but wasn’t bad either, nonetheless. After my first hiking day, I got to realize the importance of best hiking boots. So, in this very blog post, I’m going to […]

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